CWAB 2022 - FAQs

1. Can I apply for both the National and Regional Category?

No. Your application will be accepted for any one of the two categories.

2. If I apply for the National/Regional category, can I apply for Noteworthy category?

Yes you can nominate your projects in the noteworthy category.

3. Is there a limitation to project entries in the Noteworthy category?

No. There is no limitation for project submissions in this category.

4. I am a builder, can I nominate a project in the Noteworthy Projects Category?

The Noteworthy Projects category is open for Builders, Architects and Interior Designers.

5. For the National / Regional category submission, I don’t have two completed projects, what should I do?

Your best submission would be by meeting the exact form requirements. However, in a scenario where you don’t have two completed projects, you can submit one completed project and one ongoing project that is more than 80 per cent completed. The third project submission of ‘ongoing project’ will remain as is.

6. I am a freelancer, can I nominate myself in the National / Regional Category?

No, the National and Regional award categories are for a company/firm and not an individual. Only registered companies qualify for these awards. However, if there is a specific project that you would want to nominate, the same can be done under the Noteworthy Projects category.

7. I have uploaded the project-related information and images, yet the form is not taking me to the next step.

Please check the size of the image uploaded. Each image size should not exceed 1MB.

8. As a company policy, we don’t pay for the awards.

The fee is just a processing charge. This is being done to different the serious entries from others. In no way does the processing fee amount to receiving the award. Also, if required, we can raise an invoice for you and payment can be made through other available mediums. For an invoice request, please write to us at

9. What type of images should we upload for the ongoing project?

There are no specifications as to the type of images that need to submitted. The only aspect which matters is, how well can the images describe the project and add value to it. For architect firms, drawing/sketches can be added as well.

10. Do I receive a confirmation mail once I have paid and submitted the form?

Yes, you will receive a system generated mail as soon as you make the payment, confirming your nomination.