• "At this CWAB awards evening, I appeal that architects should be considered in designing public spaces for India."

    Naresh Narasimhan, Managing Partner,
    Venkataramanan Associates
  • "It is interesting to see the way we are pushing the boundaries with all the work you are doing around sustainability and green and bringing people together on platforms such as CWAB."

    Sanjay Puri, Founder,
    Sanjay Puri Architects
  • "CWAB Awards are the Oscars of the construction industry. Thank you for the honour."

    Shekhar Patki, Principal Architect,
    PG Patki Architects
  • "Thank You CWAB Awards, It is a huge responsibility for us architects in this day and age of technology to embrace technology."

    Yatin Patel, Co-Founder,
    DSP Design Associates
  • "My heart felt congratulations to all of you for making the 9th edition of Construction World Architect & Builder (CWAB) Awards held on August 22, 2014 at Hotel Four Seasons in Mumbai a grand success. This is the most prestigious and mega award event for the Indian construction industry. I highly acknowledge and appreciate your expertise management in making the show truly remarkable and fabulous."

  • "Kindly allow me to congratulate you for successfully taking the CW Architect and Builder Awards event to great heights! With high energy levels, the whole show was professionally well managed. Devika Devaiah’s (author of Orbit Shifting Innovation) vibrant speech on innovation was an icing on the cake!
    A few years back, we, at India Chapter of American Concrete Institute, organised a similar yearly event for best structures in different categories. That said, you could consider having an award for indigenous innovation in the field of construction."

  • "I attended the 9th CW Architect & Builder Awards and was highly impressed. It is such a rarity to see so many of India's top architects and builders get together at one platform. Kudos to your team for having put up an event par excellence."

  • "I was delighted to have witnessed the 9th CWAB AWARDS in August 2014 in Mumbai.The event was marked by high level of participation from the industry, at both, institutional and individual, levels. Such events create a positive impact on the professionals in particular and the society at large, in general. The event was organised and conducted very methodically and professionally, for which I extend my hearty felicitations to Shri Pratap Padode and his dedicated team."

  • "The CWAB awards is indeed an innovative front runner, designed to bring the industry together. It creates an opportunity for celebration and recognition, but more importantly it also creates a platform for future leaders to direct the course of the industry. Having seen how awards are designed and conducted up close, I am happy to say the CWAB awards is a robustly designed and implemented process- a great achievement, indeed. My congratulations to ASAPP media and Falguni and Pratap Padode on the successful occasion of the 1th CWAB awards. I do hope it grows from strength to strength and it becomes a reference point for other industries too"