The CONSTRUCTION WORLD Architect and Builder (CWAB) Awards, instituted in 2006, are India's most coveted awards for the architecture and building industry. The awards, held in a glittering ceremony and popularly known as the OSCARS of this industry, recognise and felicitate the people and organisations responsible for the changing landscape of the country: The ‘Top Architects’ and the ‘Top Builders’ of India, as well as ‘Noteworthy ‘Projects’ across the country. The commitment and rigour of the process since 18 years, have given the event an exalted status.

Turning 19 this year, we are proud to have our legacy of awarding India’s Top Architects and Builders continue. The 19th CWAB Awards 2024 will award the best and brightest minds not just across the Top Architect & Top Builder categories, but also across Noteworthy Projects under the theme - Five Elements of Nature.

Entries for the National Awards - For India’s Top Architects and Builders, as well as Regional Awards - are being shortlisted from the results of a Perception Survey, which will be mailed to most relevant stakeholders in the industry.

The Noteworthy Projects category is inviting nominations through a general call for entries against a minimum threshold of years in the business, range, and quality of work among several other factors. Separate juries across categories, will make the final selection.